Strategic Plan

Coffee Quality Institute has an important role in the coffee community and to have the greatest impact we employ a strategic plan. This ensures we serve the community, stay focused on the future and work in the most efficient way possible.

Our strategic plan has five pillars:

Promote a common language

  • Support an international and diverse community of coffee experts that can readily communicate with the common language of quality
  • Ensure geographic diversity and accessibility of the common language
  • Reinforce CQI’s education offerings through expansion and support of In-Country Partners and Q Venues, and grow the use and recognition of Q marks
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Provide a toolbox of innovative education offerings

  • Expand current catalog to encompass seed-to-cup education strategy, including more online options
  • Broaden the offerings in the existing CQI toolbox of post-harvest processing and quality evaluation, including introductory and preparatory level classes
  • Expand content into new programs to address areas such as crop management, market connection strategies, and consumer issues
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Create and support a global CQI network

  • Build capacity within our community.
  • Create employment opportunities for coffee specialists and experts by expanding CQI Educator opportunities.
  • Increase engagement and build awareness across a larger community to increase overall impact.
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Collaborate to amplify holistic projects with integrated education

  • Ensure education offerings are easily and efficiently incorporated into origin projects
  • Build education frameworks that support novice to expert engagement within and beyond projects
  • Focus on developing local experts and Educators who will offer classes in more languages and more locations, bringing educational opportunities to their communities after projects end
  • Support through fundraising: focused unrestricted fundraising to promote CQI-lead projects with an integrated education approach
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Facilitating market connections for the financial benefit of producers

  • Knowledge is power! Promote producer-education with a deeper understanding of the supply chain and go-to-market skills.
  • Ensure connections between producers participating in field projects and buyers.
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