CQI achieves impact through education

Coffee Quality Institute's education framework, from seed to cup, is diverse, multi-modal and accessible. There is something for everyone!

CQI education progressions

CQI currently offers two programs of study - Quality Evaluation and Post-Harvest Processing.

Quality Evaluation

Coffee quality evaluation education is a benefit at every point in the value chain. As we begin to speak the same language, fine and specialty coffee becomes recognized and producers are ultimately rewarded for their higher quality through better access to markets.

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Post-Harvest Processing

The Post-Harvest Processing (PHP) program aims to improve coffee quality through the transformation of the coffee fruit to a dry seed ready for roasting. Everyone in coffee benefits from understanding the basics of PHP.

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education progressions

Coffee Quality Institute education is offered sequentially

All coursework at CQI follows a numbering system to enable students to choose and complete the progression best to meet their goals.









Both Quality Evaluation and Post-Harvest Processing offer classes, which are foundational in nature, and certifications, which are internationally-recognized verifications of competencies valued from farm to consumer.