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Our Partnerships

Coffee Quality Institute serves its mission through education. We also work in partnership with communities, local authorities, governments, national and international agencies. Without using this team approach CQI would not have the effect it does, and we are always looking to grow and enrich our network. 

At CQI we bring diverse stakeholders together to solve local challenges.

Our customized solutions, shaped by coffee experts and decades of experience, result in long-term solutions that emphasize self-sufficiency. With deep roots in the coffee trade, we also facilitate market connections to build healthier supply chains and thriving coffee communities.

How does that work on the ground? Watch this video and learn more.

Our varied menu of technical services range from production and processing expertise to cupping training.

We put knowledge and tools into the hands of the coffee producers—the critical component of a healthy supply chain. 

Producing quality coffee isn’t the only challenge: getting it to market and finding the right buyers are obstacles that many producers face.

Whether we are hosting trips for buyers or introducing new and notable coffees at a trade show, CQI connects coffee to markets that reward quality and facilitate long-term partnerships between sellers and buyers. Our customized solutions are designed to meet the goals of communities furthering economic sustainability in the coffee sector.

Think you might want to work with CQI?

We do small contracts and extended programs. Research and development and go-to-market strategies.

If you seek to make an impact in coffee producing areas, please contact Lisa Conway,

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