Quality Evaluation

Quality Evaluation course progression


  • Understanding Tastes and Flavors
  • Learning CQI Flavor Standards
  • Robusta for Arabica Lovers


  • Intro to CQI cupping
  • Sensory Evaluation in Quality Control
  • Q Cupping Essentials Robusta
  • Q Cupping Essentials Arabica


  • Q Arabica Combo Course
  • Q Robusta Combo Course
  • Q Calibration

*Course coming soon

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The common language of quality

Quality Evaluation education is a benefit at every point in the value chain. Because we speak the same language, fine and specialty coffee is recognized and producers are ultimately rewarded for their higher quality through better access to markets.

Perhaps the most exciting thing about Coffee Quality Institute education is that it is applied. Our community uses their skills to evaluate coffee quality to give producers the ability to know their coffee, to give sellers tools to describe their product accurately, and to give buyers confidence that they are purchasing the quality and flavor profile they expect.

CQI Q Graders are globally recognized and work across all aspects of the value chain.

This professional certification confers the skills and basic knowledge to perform coffee evaluations from farm to import to consumer-facing products. The Q Grader course, is offered for both arabica and robusta evaluation.

The Q Grader course is broken into two parts, review and exams. The course covers job-relevant skills including cupping protocols, olfactory senses, gustatory sensory skills, green and roasted grading, organic acid identification, triangulation skills, roasted sample identification, coffee processing evaluation, and general coffee value chain knowledge.

CQI also has a variety of preparatory classes and courses for those who are headed for Q Grader or who are simply interested in learning about coffee quality.

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