CQI-Certified Professionals Promote a Higher Industry Standard by Embracing the Global Language of Coffee Quality

Certified Q Graders & Post-Harvest Processing Experts

CQI is large and diverse, and at its foundation are those who hold CQI certifications. These certifications are globally recognized and provide assurance to the industry of their holder's applied skills and subject matter competence.

People think of Q Graders when Coffee Quality Institute comes to mind, and they are a big part of our certified family. However, we also have certifications in the area of Post-Harvest Processing.


CQI trains and certifies experienced professionals to teach both Quality Evaluation and Post-Harvest Processing techniques. The CQI Educator network includes more than 180 Instructors, Assistant Instructors and Lecturers.

CQI Educators are a critical part of our network, reinforcing the common language of coffee quality and teaching a diversity of coffee-related topics.

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