Educators provide CQI education around the world

Who are CQI Educators?

CQI Educators are the teachers who deliver our classes and courses, around the world in many different languages.

The Educators of Coffee Quality Institute disseminate the quality evaluation and the post-harvest processing techniques that are the basis of improving coffee quality and the lives of people who produce it. This network of committed professionals teach around the world in many different languages, in diverse venues, but always consistently delivering a CQI-level experience. Our educators are talented teachers and excellent communicators.


Instructors teach our certificate-level courses, and steward our Assistant Instructors.

This process is intense and time consuming, and Instructors are experienced when they begin their work.

  • Certified Q Graders who are interested in pursuing Quality Evaluation Instructorship are eligible to apply for the Assistant Instructor progression.
  • Those interested in becoming a Post-Harvest Processing Instructor must have experience in post-harvest processing. The experience, knowledge, and requirements depend on the level one aspires to teach.

Interested, qualified people must submit applications to CQI, including recommendations. Are you interested in becoming an instructor? Click here to find out more about both sensory and post-harvest processing tracks.

Meet our Instructors

Our Lecturer program includes trained educators who have a wealth of subject matter expertise who are already working in their communities to help improve coffee quality and the livelihood of coffee producers

What does a Lecturer do?

Lecturers do more than just lecture! A CQI Lecturer teaches CQI classes. Some classes will be online, others in the classroom, lab, or field. It all depends on the class and the students.

Why “Lecture” for CQI?

CQI education is high quality, scientifically founded, and recognized by the coffee community as valuable and practical training. Becoming a Lecturer is a way for you to utilize your existing skills to engage with CQI and have access to our new selection of classes. CQI Lecturers will be critical to the growth of CQI education programs and serve our mission to improve the quality of coffee worldwide. As a Lecturer, you will have the flexibility to deliver classes according to your schedule in a variety of locations and delivery methods. You will be responsible for using the CQI database to list classes, make sure students are registered, and paying student & educator royalty fees associated with specific classes. You are able to set your own structure and business model for holding classes. CQI will provide Lecturers support with everything you need to train & teach CQI classes.

What classes do Lecturers teach?

CQI Lecturers are eligible to teach novice and practitioner level (100-200) CQI classes.

How to become a CQI Lecturer:

  • Submit application
  • Submit one letter of recommendation regarding teaching experience
  • CQI reviews application and notifies applicant of acceptance status
  • Accepted applicants will be notified and placed in a queue for the next Lecturer Development course.
  • Lecturer candidate takes and passes lecturer development course.
  • Following the successful completion of the course, the candidate enters into the CQI Lecturer Agreement.
  • Lecturers review class training materials
  • CQI verifies training and authorizes Lecturer to teach that specific class.
  • Lecturers may list, publish, and teach CQI eligible classes

The Lecturer program is so important to CQI because these educators are going to increase the chance that people will get CQI-quality education from someone in or near their community, in their first language. 

Apply to become a CQI Lecturer here

Meet our CQI Lecturers