Volunteering with Coffee Quality Institute


CQI has global reach through its educators and also through its volunteers

Professionals in the coffee industry can and have supported Coffee Quality Institute by stepping in to perform different roles and responsibilities.


Are you interested in volunteering as a CQI Coffee Corp Volunteer to provide coffee quality education? Watch this space for opportunities.

Other volunteer opportunities at CQI

The board of trustees

These volunteers help CQI by serving in an advisory and governance capacity. They can act as liaisons between CQI and the coffee industry and act as financial oversight.

Content development

CQI goes to community volunteers for advice and testing of new curriculum. This allows us to include people who are working in the particular topic on perhaps a daily basis while we develop new classes and courses o better achieve our mission.


Volunteers who have served in an advisory capacity with CQI for marketing help the organization better communicate their work.

Q Grading

Sometimes a project may require coffees to be Q Graded, and our community has been very generous in supplying their expertise to provide accurate assessment of improvement.

Project support

These volunteers can be a part of a local coffee competition, add market connections, share post-harvest processing techniques, and more.

volunteer with cqi

Interested in being a volunteer with Coffee Quality Institute?

Please email info@coffeeinstitute.org