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CQI education progressions

Quality Evaluation


  • Understanding Tastes and Flavors
  • Learning CQI Flavor Standards
  • Robusta for Arabica Lovers


  • Introduction to CQI Cupping
  • Sensory Evaluation in Quality Control
  • Q Cupping Essentials Robusta
  • Q Cupping Essentials Arabica


  • Q Arabica Combo Course
  • Q Robusta Combo Course
  • Q Calibration
  • Q Recertification Course

*Course coming soon

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Post-harvest Processing


  • Processing Essentials or Intro to Post-harvest Processing
  • Processing Good Practices*


  • Q Processing 1
  • Q Processing Level 1 Renewal
  • Coffee Fermentation
  • Yeast Inoculation in the Field


  • Q Processing 2 Arabica
  • Q Processing 2 Robusta
  • Q Processing Level 2 Renewal


  • Q Processing 3

*Course coming soon

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