Post-Harvest Processing

Post-Harvest Processing course progression


  • Intro to Post-harvest Processing
  • Processing Good Practices*
  • Robusta for Arabica Lovers


  • Q Processing Level1
  • Coffee Fermentation: From Microbes to Flavors
  • Yeast Inoculation in the Field*


  • Q Processing 2 Arabica
  • Q Processing 2 Robusta
  • Q Processing Level 2 Renewal


  • Q Processing 3

*Course coming soon

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Education that improves quality

Post-Harvest Processing has the potential to not only preserve quality and food safety, but to create flavors and add significant value.

At its most fundamental, PHP best practices can make the difference between poor, commercial, and specialty coffee. At its most advanced, coffee processing techniques can be used to target and create specific flavors and enhance coffee quality with a differentiated portfolio of products. Through our processing education, CQI provides a scientific and practical approach that focuses on understanding critical theory, reducing risk, and creating standard procedures that are trusted throughout the industry. Through PHP education, CQI strives to create recognized skills and professional opportunities for coffee processors.

How to be certified at Post-harvest Processing “professional” level

This certification is intended for individuals working regularly with post-harvest processing.

Q Processing Professional is a six-day field-based course where learners deepen their theoretical knowledge of the main processing methods, learn best practices, and gain hands-on experience with a quality control system for post-harvest processing. With this content, students will begin to develop the skill sets necessary to achieve different flavor profiles through processing. The course takes place in a producing country during the harvest season, and involves lectures, team activities, applied lessons, and cuppings. It is a hands-on and collaborative learning experience fit for the practical needs of the producing side of industry. To be certified, attendees must pass both theoretical and practical tests.

Unlike the Q Grader course, professional-level post-harvest processing has a prerequisite, Q Processing 1, for all students who do not work on coffee processing at a farm annually.

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