The Coffee Quality Institute Annual Luncheon

CQI's Annual Luncheon 2024
cqi's annual luncheon

The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) Annual Luncheon brings together industry leaders, professionals, and enthusiasts to learn more about CQI’s plans and achievements while supporting the organization through ticket sales and sponsorships. 

It is an authentic CQI community event, offering the coffee industry a chance to connect and network with fellow coffee professionals. 

Traditionally held on the Saturday during the SCA Coffee Expo, the luncheon offers special activities and a unique agenda each year, allowing attendees to learn more about ways to improve coffee quality and the lives of people who produce it.  

2024 marks a significant milestone for CQI! At this year’s Annual Luncheon, attendees gathered to celebrate the 20th Anniversary of the Q Certification Course. The event featured special moments, such as a conversation between Ted Lingle, CQI’s founding Executive Director and the mastermind of the Q Course, and CQI CEO Michael Sheridan. Additionally, Ted Lingle received the Founder’s Award, Johan Kwe was honored as the CQI’s Educator of the Year 2024, and CQI’s Board Members were recognized for their years of service.

Proceeds from Luncheon Sponsorships and ticket sales contribute to the CQI Global Fund, supporting our ongoing initiatives and expanding access to coffee education.