Coffee certification is communication

CQI offers two certifications of coffee; a Q Certificate mainly used to communicate between buyers and sellers, and a Q CoffeeTM licensing program to communicate quality to consumers.

CQI is the only third-party green coffee quality evaluation and verification that is globally recognized.

A green coffee that is Q Certified goes through the CQI Q Grading System. Green grading and cup scoring with the common language of quality provides a transparent, verifiable report certifying that the green coffee has no primary defects, a cup score of 80 points or more and a described flavor profile of the sample roast. That profile and data is documented, and can be shared with the coffee farmer and potential green coffee buyers.

 The Q CoffeeTM program is another way to communicate a coffee’s quality, this time for consumer products. Q CoffeeTM is a consumer quality mark that evaluates and verifies that the coffee has achieved either Specialty or Fine status. It is an identifiable trademark that allows the consumer to differentiate their buying decision.