Sample some of Q Project Thailand's excellent Arabica and Robusta coffees during World of Coffee Copenhagen 2024 on June 28.

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Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) is a non-profit organization working internationally to improve the quality of coffee and the lives of people who produce it.

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Promoting a higher standard and common language for the coffee community with tools to educate, collaborate and promote coffee quality worldwide

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CQI Updates

CQI Seeks Director of Mission Engagement

June 9, 2024
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Origin Story: Jeremy Raths

June 5, 2024
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CQI Cupping Exchange

June 3, 2024
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Recent Press

Meet The 2024 Store Brands Game Changers

April 29, 2024

Store Brands recognizes Whole Foods Market as a “Game Changer” for two different programs: Sourced for Good and Coffee Quality Institute Q Coffee™ program.

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The 2023 Specialty Coffee Transaction Guide Has Landed

February 1, 2024

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Whole Foods Rebrands Coffee, Includes Q

October 24, 2023

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