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CQI envisions an education system that will pave the path to self-sufficient, thriving, sustainable coffee communities by supporting a common language of coffee and the best scientific practices throughout the value chain to improve quality. Producer's lives are enriched, they receive appropriate value for their specialty coffee, they are distinguished and respected in the market, and consumers appreciate the value and complexity of specialty and fine coffee creating a strong market demand.

We need your help.

For more than twenty years, Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) has been standing with producers, transforming the coffee market through differentiation.

• We do this through education and dissemination of a shared, common language across the value chain empowering producers and consumers to bring the community together
• We do this through holistic, innovative education and training on intrinsic quality improvement that results in higher prices for specialty and fine coffee, rewarding the work of producers
• We do this by education throughout the value chain that elevates consumer awareness and hence creates a more direct chain from producers to consumers
• We do this by creating and supporting market connections for the benefit of producers

You can help CQI achieve greater impact, improve coffee quality, and help enrich the lives of our coffee heroes -the producers- through the CQI Origin Fund.  DONATE HERE

Coffee Quality Institute has:

• Disseminated and institutionalized the common language of coffee throughout the globe by training, certifying, and supporting over 7000 Q graders, more than 600 processing professionals, and 70 highly qualified CQI instructors. Today CQI is working to ensure that we are strategically focusing our resources into areas that will see the greatest impact, ensuring a geographic distribution of instructors so that courses are easier to access, and proactively growing our processing certification and targeted workshops. CQI has also implemented new technology to increase accessibility online and increase frequency of Q calibrations and other courses online. Meet a Q Grader: Q Success Story: Newerley Gutierrez

• Empowered coffee processors with a toolbox of processing knowledge so that they can make informed, practical-based decisions with specialty market demand in mind. CQI is also providing university-quality experiences through its professional level certification course – Q Processing 3, to help develop community leaders who will serve as ambassadors in their home region. We are ramping up our efforts and fundraising to deliver processing training and education experiences from the field to the laboratory, across the supply chain. Read about how processing education helps producers in Africa: Q Processing 2 in Africa

• Partnered in large development projects by providing expertise from harvest to market, in coffee growing regions across the globe (SEE MAP). We work with many granting agencies to implement training, and we fundraise to help lead new and innovative projects in areas that may not receive government funding or outside support but are equally important for specialty coffee production. All these projects have a common end goal: producers desire to see their coffees introduced to international buyers. Join a virtual tasting bringing emerging markets to buyers’ attention: A Taste of Laos

• Released Q Cupping Essentials and consumer-focused seminars, taking cupping and sensory evaluation direct to the consumer, knowing a well-educated customer demands higher quality and a diversity of offerings from their coffee supplier. Helping to create strong consumer demand for specialty coffee, an appreciation for the diversity of coffees produced, and a gratitude for the producers strengthens the specialty and fine coffee market overall.

• Developed standards for Fine Robusta, and specialized training classes such as Q Cupping Essentials Robusta and soon will add Q Processing 2 Robusta. Fine Robusta is grown in many areas, enjoyed by local consumers, but not as well known outside growing countries. CQI is fundraising to focus efforts on Fine Robusta producers as we have previously with arabica producers: by introducing Fine Robusta to international markets.

CQI continues to develop innovative education and training, focused on targeting knowledge where it will benefit the most. Please help by supporting our mission to improve coffee quality and the lives of those who produce it through the CQI Origin Fund.


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