Our 2020 Luncheon is just around the corner!

This year our theme is "Impact and Innovation." We're celebrating individuals and organizations who have impacted the coffee community this year, and we're celebrating you, thanking you for your support. It's fun and proceeds support our work in coffee quality, definitely one of our favorite days of the year. 

  • April 25, 2020 Noon to 1:30, doors open at 11:30.
  • Individual tickets available with your SCA Expo registration.
  • Help us deliver our mission of improving the quality of coffee and the lives of those who produce it: sponsorship information available here.

CQI is pleased to honor those who make a difference by awarding Leadership Medals of Merit. The 2020 honorees are:   

CIRAD. Coffee Quality Institute has guiding principles, and CIRAD echoes those by working through scientific research and development to secure the future of coffee production, on which millions of small holder farmers around the world are dependent for a sustainable livelihood. Through dissemination of knowledge, information and innovation it is able to assist and influence policy makers in countries where dependence on agriculture is high, and where the development of improved farming systems is a necessity. Its main areas of focus as regards coffee production are to promote ecological balance, biodiversity, and better land and resource management. It also aims to ensure that sustainable development, product diversification, consumer labels are economically viable and will impact producer incomes positively. 

Craig Holt. Our individual nominee shows what it looks like to build a business that incorporates quality and then volunteer to support coffee producers around the world. The founder of Atlas Coffee Importers is dedicated to the specialty coffee industry , but his devotion to coffee producers is outstanding. He has volunteered repeatedly as a CQI Coffee Corps volunteer in Africa, Asia and Latin America and has frequently invested heavily in the project coffees by serving as an importer for emerging markets and new producers. From Myanmar to Yemen, Holt has been a an impetus for quality coffee production but also an ambassador building successful relationships with green coffee buyers in the US. These practical and sustainable actions make Craig Holt the perfect recipient of the individual Leadership Medal of Merit recipient. 


2019 Luncheon

Thank you so much for showing your support at our 21st Annual Luncheon in Boston this year! We are forever grateful for your support and dedication to our programs around the world.

This year we awarded the CQI Leadership Medal of Merit to César Augusto Echeverry Castaño and Conservation International.


See below to find out more about these award winners:


Thank you to our 2019 Luncheon Sponsors