Q Venue Program

What is a Q Venue?

Coffee Quality Institute’s mission, to improve the quality of coffee and the lives of people who produce it, is achieved through our education programs and training initiatives. The Q Venue Program creates a global, verified network of quality facilities for cupping, sensory and processing education designed to meet the specific instructional needs of all CQI courses. CQI Q Venues can be used in many ways; from instructors hosting courses, to development project trainings, and as a lab for coffee quality assessment. CQI will work with you to assess which Q Venue certification is the right fit for your needs.

CQI provides three types of certification for Q Venues: Q Venue, Q Venue Processing and Q Venue Professional.

See all certified Q Venues here. 


What are the benefits of becoming a Q Venue?

Q Venue certification provides a verified space so that instructors and students recognize the facility as safe, accessible, and hygienic while also operating in accordance with industry standards and protocols. The infrastructure of Q Venues meets the needs of our market with specific professional equipment, supplies, and environment. CQI requires venues to obtain Q Venue approval and certification to host CQI courses.

Benefits include the ability to host CQI courses, the right to use the Q Venue Program logo, official certificate issued by CQI, promotion of certified Q Venues on our global website and to our instructors, and international recognition.

How does a lab or facility become a Q Venue?

If you are interested, and have questions about the requirements and different certification levels, please contact Kim Ta at kta@coffeeinstitute.org

If you are ready to apply, please use the link to fill in the application here.

Thanks for your interest, and we will respond within 5 business days to all inquiries.

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