Calibration and retake update

The Coffee Quality Institute’s mission continues to move forward during these global pandemic challenges, and the education department has made some allowances to ensure that the CQI community doesn't experience undue concern over retakes or calibration.

A reminder as to the Q Program Policy for calibrations and retakes:

Calibration – Q Graders have 6 months before and after their certificate expiry date to calibrate.

Retakes – Students have 18 months and 2 opportunities from the date of your original Q course to present retakes.

Anyone concerned over the status of their certificate should log into the CQI database, where they can check certificate expiration dates or the date of the original Q Combo course (for retakes).  Any issues can be forwarded to

Those with calibration or retake tests due in 2021 should note that many courses are now being scheduled and should enroll in a course if possible. Classes are being added on a daily basis.

CQI notes that everyone has a unique situation and education staff are dedicated to helping you find the best path forward in your certifications. Those near the end of their window to calibrate or present retakes, please complete this form.