Q Venues

Certified environments ready for education

Coffee Quality Institute’s mission, to improve the quality of coffee and the lives of people who produce it, is achieved through our education programs and training initiatives.

The Q Venue Program creates a global, verified network of quality facilities for cupping, sensory and processing education designed to meet the specific instructional needs of all CQI courses. CQI Q Venues can be used in many ways; from instructors hosting courses, to development project trainings, and as a lab for coffee quality assessment. CQI will work with you to assess which Q Venue certification is the right fit for your needs.

CQI provides three types of certification for Q Venues: Q Venue, Q Venue Processing and Q Venue Professional.

Locations certified with Coffee Quality Institute attract work through evaluation and education, and let the world know that they meet international standards. To find out if becoming a Q Venue is right for you, contact Kim Cosgrove at kta@coffeeinstitute.org

Are you an educator looking for an available Q Venue? You can find one here.

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