Certified Q Venues

A Q Venue is part of a global, verified network of quality facilities for cupping, sensory and processing education designed to meet the specific instructional needs of all CQI courses. CQI provides three types of certification for Q Venues: Q Venue, Q Venue Processing and Q Venue Professional, and those designations will be noted below.

CQI Q Venues can be used in many ways; from instructors hosting courses, to development project trainings, and as a lab for coffee quality assessment.

Check the table below to see which type of Q Venue is right for you.


Q Venue

Luckin Coffee Roasting China





H Tea & Coffee Academy & Lab Shanghai, China





Almacafe Bogota, Colombia

Q Venue - Professional

Catación Pública - Jaime Duque Londoño SAS Bogota, Colombia






BRIDGE SHINE COFFEE (BSC Coffee Lab) Shanghai, China






Jean International Coffee Academy Beijing, China











Luce Coffee Roasters Houston, Texas




Westrock Coffee Roasting North Little Rock, Arkansas






!FEST Coffee Mission Ukraine





Benkee Coffee School China






Classico Coffee Lab South Korea






Tecla Laboratory Quality Coffee Sao Paulo, Brazil






Coffee Laboratory Dublin, Ireland






Alliance for Coffee Excellence / ACE Portland, Oregon, USA






Bicerin Coffee Lab Markham, Canada







Bloom Coffee College Beijing, China






Blossom Valley International Taichung, Taiwan






Booster Coffee Education Bangkok, Thailand







Crema Coffee Beijing, China


Coffee Grange Kamyk, Poland







Home of Coffee Training Center  Moscow, Russia







Norandino Ltda Agricultural Cooperative Laboratory  Puira, Peru






TECNiCAFE  Cauce, Colombia Professional and Processing Venue








On the Up Taipei City, Taiwan