CQI creates new Fine Robusta resources for coffee community

By Kim Ta, Q Program Account Coordinator 


Since 2010, Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) has offered the Q Robusta Program to create a common language of quality for Fine Robusta. Though arabica is the better-known species in specialty coffee, robusta is also vitally important: It’s frequently consumed in many European markets as an essential element of espresso blends, and it’s a higher-producing, more resilient species than Arabica, which becomes more important as climate change poses increasing challenges for the industry.

The Q Robusta Program follows Q Fine Robusta Standards & Protocols that we originally established in collaboration with the Uganda Coffee Development Authority (UCDA). In order for our program to maintain the utmost relevance to the industry and reflect current trends and standards, we recently made important updates to the standards and protocols, as well as compiling a brand-new green-grading handbook for Fine Robusta.

A summary of the revised Q Fine Robusta Standards & Protocols is available as a one-pager here. The standards and protocols are discussed in more detail in our new Q Fine Robusta Standards & Protocols 28-page booklet, which is a modern compilation of technical standards, evaluation procedures, and reference materials for quality differentiated robusta coffee. This booklet will soon be available for purchase via digital download or printed copy here, and will be for sale at the Specialty Coffee Expo in Boston in April 2019.

In addition to the updated standards and protocols CQI published the Robusta Green-Grading Handbook. Like the similar green-grading book for arabica, this practical book features accurate pictures and descriptions of defects. This educational tool assists with the identification of defects in robusta and how those defects affect cup quality. Hard copies of the handbook are available to purchase here. Q Robusta Processing 2 will begin in the second quarter of 2021.

CQI is very excited to deliver these necessary Q Robusta resources to the greater coffee community. We look forward to seeing how Q Robusta Graders and other coffee professionals employ these resources to further the growth of Fine Robusta coffees and connect these quality-forward coffees to appreciative buyers.

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