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S2E1: Conversations in Quality: A CQI Podcast - Felipe Sardi

In this episode, CQI's Josh Savidge and Felipe Sardi chat about experimentation with thorough research and testing, the importance of focusing on processing best-practices, challenging trends and working with local coffee growing communities to share knowledge and improve coffee quality.


2:10 – Felipe’s Background

3:45 – Innovations in PHP at La Palmay El Tucan

7:56 – Benefits of Experimentation

10:23 – Education that Would Have Been Valuable

11:27 – Recommendations for Experimenting with Fermentations

14:09 – The “pH Clarity Project”

20:12 – Using Processing to Create Sustainable Coffee Communities

23:54 – Advice for Other Producers

25:27- Valuable Experiences with the “Barista Exchange Program”

27:31 – Managing Risk as a Producer

28:42 – Challenging Both the Status Quo and New Trends

30:57 – Wrap-Up


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