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S2E2: Conversations in Quality: A CQI Podcast - Luiz Roberto Saldanha

Episode 2: Luiz Roberto Saldanha – California Coffee Estates; Capricornio Coffee

In this episode, Luiz discusses the benefits and challenges of growing at low altitude and atypical latitude, about addressing challenges through innovating drying techniques, about promoting quality coffees and challenging paradigms, and about the value of education and mentorship.  


2:03 – Luiz’s Background

6:00 – Learning from Coffee “Gurus"

10:43 – The Challenges of Growing at Around the Tropic of Capricorn – Necessary Innovations

17:33 – Initial Experimentation

21:53 – Latitude Paradigm

24:45 – Latitude vs Altitude –Misconceptions and Reception

28:26 – Takeaways from the Q Processing Program

34:25 – Common Processing Mistakes  

36:22 – Interactions with the Coffee Producing Community

38:42 – Just Scratching the Surface of Coffee’s Potential with PHP

41:31 – Wrap-Up


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