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S2E3: Conversations in Quality: A CQI Podcast - Francisco Massucci Silveira

Francisco shares his experiences with developing machines to help in post-harvest processing and talks about the role of mechanization. He also talks about common processing mistakes and the value of coffee education.

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2:16 – Francisco’s Background

4:16 – CSmart AI and Color Sorters for Cherries

7:49 – Initial Challenges in Developing New Coffee Processing Tech

11:13 – Color Sorters and Bringing Coffee to Market

12:41 – Myths about Mechanized Processing

14:47 – Green Coffee Classification Equipment

19:50 – Fermentation Data Recording

21:40 – Common Mistakes in Fermentation

23:45 – Assessing Risk in Fermentation

24:48 – Processing Management Issues Holding Producers Back

25:59 – The Value of Education – Key Takeaways

27:43 – Recommendations for Producers Interested in Experimenting

29:45 – Wrap-Up