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S2E4: Conversations in Quality: A CQI Podcast - Lucas Venturim

Episode 4: Lucas Venturim – Fazenda Venturim

In this episode, Lucas shared insights about fermentation, yeast, the specific challenges of robusta and techniques to improve it through processing, about having diverse portfolios of product offerings, about the importance of carefully considering changing markets, and about innovative partnerships with the local community, and about biological inputs.


1:53 – Lucas’s Background

11:01 – Innovations in Processing Canephora at Fazenda Venturim

20:56 – Initial Challenges in Fermentation for Robustas

25:18 – Misconceptions about fermentation

29:57 – Value of Education

36:01 – Collaborating with Bee Holders for Cross-Pollination 

42:19 – Ongoing Innovations at Fazenda Venturim – Biologic Inputs

47:46 – Wrap-Up


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