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S2E5: Conversations in Quality: A CQI Podcast - Eddy Nkanagu

Episode 5: Eddy Nkanagu – Sucafina

In this episode, Eddy talked about the efforts being made to

reinvigorate coffee growing in Burundi, 

using post-harvest processing techniques to increase productivity. Josh

and Eddy chat myths regarding fermentation and discuss the benefits and

challenges of managing timing with extended fermentations.


2:00– Eddy’s Background

3:10 – Transition into Coffee

Processing Career

4:25 – Coffee Growing in Burundi

6:00 – Improving Productivity through


8:58 – Post-Harvest Processing to

Improve Farmer Income

11:28 – Challenges of Fermentation and

Managing Processing Methods

15:14 – Testing and Recording

16:58 – Impact of Experimentation at

the Market

18:29 – Advice for Producers

Interested Experimenting with Fermentation

19:45 – Misconceptions about

Fermentation – Communicating about Green Coffee

23:00 – Learning about Fermentation

Coming from Another Industry

25:18 – Essential Information for

Coffee Processors to Know

26:18 – Processing Management –

Balancing Cost and Labor

28:15 – Knowledge Sharing

31:21 – Favorite Coffee Eddy is


32:55 – Wrap-Up



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