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S2E6: Conversations in Quality: A CQI Podcast - Sunalini Menon

Episode 6: Sunalini Menon: Coffeelab India; Tata Coffee; CQI Board of Trustees

The season finale! In this conversation, Director of Coffeelab India and CQI Board Member Sunalini Menon of joins us to provide some valuable perspective on coffee quality, processing and innovation from her years of experience working with coffee producers and evaluation quality.  


1:54 – Welcome

2:50 – Sunalini’s History with Processing

8:04– The Evolving State of Coffee Processing

15:04 – Analyzing Variables to Guide Processing Methodology

22:40 – Identifying the Market and Communicating

29:43 – A New Awakening: Correlating Varietal to Cup to Processing to the Market

35:40 – Value of Continuous Education

42:41 – Challenges and Adaptations

49:37 – Sunalini’s Favorite Coffees

52:49 – Wrap-up

• Learn more about CQI’s Post-Harvest Processing program: Post-Harvest Processing (coffeeinstitute.org)

• Stay up to date with what’s happening at CQI: News (coffeeinstitute.org)

• You can contact Sunali at clab@coffeelabindia.com

• Visit https://www.tatacoffee.com/

• Lallemand - selected yeasts and bacteria for coffee processing - is the sponsor of this season of the CQI podcast.