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Che-Hao Krude 林哲豪 Lin - Taiwan

Database profile

How long have you been in coffee?

Since 2005

Which countries have you taught in?

Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan

What languages do you speak?

Mandarin Chinese, English

What other activities do you do in the coffee industry?

Krude Lin started his coffee career as a barista and a roaster in Taipei in 2005. He founded Taiwan Coffee Laboratory in 2013 to better serve the needs of the specialty coffee industry and coffee producers in Taiwan. He and his team have since been heavily involved in organizing national and municipal coffee competitions for the government, providing logistic support, training, and calibrations. Other than his duty as the head judge for various green coffee competitions, he also coached four different Taiwanese champions and one world champion at World Coffee Roasting Championship. Krude's busy daily schedule now includes serving as a researcher at National Taiwan University's Subtropical Fruit Lab, a director at Taiwan Coffee Association, a CQI Q instructor, and an Authorized SCA Trainer. 現職 Current positions: 臺灣咖啡產業策略聯盟召集人 Chairperson of Coffee Industrial Alliance of Taiwan (CIAT) 台灣咖啡研究室計畫主持人 Principal Investigator of Taiwan Coffee Laboratory (TCL) C³offee 咖啡誌發行人 Publisher of C³offee Magazine 台灣咖啡協會理事 Director of Taiwan Coffee Association (TCA) 台灣咖啡協會咖啡館文化委員會召集人 Convener of Coffeehouse Culture Committee of TCA 卓越盃競賽國際評審 Cup of Excellence International Jury 咖啡品質學會阿拉比卡鑑定師認證講師 Q Arabica Grader Instructor of Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) 咖啡品質學會後製處理認證講師 Q Processing Instructor of Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) 精品咖啡協會授權訓練師 Authorized Trainer for All Subjects of Specialty Coffee Association (SCA) 咖啡品質學會阿拉比卡認證鑑定師 Licensed Q Grader Certificate of Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) 咖啡品質學會羅布斯塔認證鑑定師 Licensed R Grader Certificate of Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) 日本資深咖啡職人 Advanced Coffee Meister of Specialty Coffee Association of Japan (SCAJ)