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Robel Libanos Kidane - Ethiopia

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What Q Processing course(s) are you authorized to teach?

Q Processing Level 1 & Q Processing Level 2 


How long have you been in coffee?

I grew up in Gedeo, Ethiopia a region known for its Yirgacheffe type coffee. However, I joined the coffee industry in 2016 while living in the United States. 


Which countries have you taught in?



What's your favorite coffee origin?

Ethiopia, Colombia, Nicaragua


What do you think are the benefits of taking the Q?

I always say the Q courses are the cheapest way to make a huge difference in the quality of coffee we drink. Specially for countries like Ethiopia, resources spent on processing trainings can bring the best results for the buck in improving the quality and consistency of the coffee produced. 


What languages do you speak?

English and Amharic 


What other activities do you do in the coffee industry?

I’m the co-founder of Lulo Coffee, a producer and exporter out of Ethiopia. 


Anything else you'd like to add? 

I have a growing export business. I wanted to become an instructor because teaching is the best way to continue to learn.