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Roukiat Delrue - Guatemala

Database profile

What Q Processing course(s) are you authorized to teach?

Level 1: Generalist

How long have you been in coffee?

14+ years

Which countries have you taught in?

Kenya, Rwanda, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Costa Rica, Brazil, Switzerland, Australia, Guatemala, Burundi, USA.... a few more

What's your favorite coffee origin?

Tough one.. I'd have to say typically Kenya though

What do you think are the benefits of taking the Q?

In many occasions quite simply being able to 'put together' all these pieces of information that Coffee Professionals have in their mind. Understanding how ultimately it all relates back to the cupping table. Also being able to communicate in a more objective way amongst fellow cuppers, producers, or at every level of the coffee industry really. And if nothing else, it's an excellent opportunity to simply be able to cup all these amazing different origins in a more organized way - which we don't frequently have the opportunity to do! So much to say here...

What languages do you speak?

Well: French / English / Spanish

What other activities do you do in the coffee industry?

Head Judge for World Coffee Events Competition since 2009, training and consulting for baristas, green coffee sourcing...