Extensions for Q Processing Certifications

CQI made an announcement in early 2020 regarding plans for renewal Q Processing course options, but plans were impacted by COVID-19. Obviously, it has been unsafe to travel and get together for some time and CQI has not yet released any QP1 or QP2 renewal courses. CQI remains committed to educational excellence while making sure all our certificate holders stay sharp and at the forefront of coffee processing knowledge. At the same time, we cannot do anything about the pandemic situation.

Due to the pandemic, CQI has had to re-assess our goals and needs for safe and timely renewal courses. This year, CQI will launch both QP1 and QP2 Renewal courses. These will be online courses administered and run in-house by CQI. We anticipate releasing these courses on July 1, 2021.

CQI will be giving all QP certificate holders until October 1, 2021 to take & pass their Renewal Course.

Those whose certificates will have expired will be granted a temporary extension to take and pass their renewal course until October 1, 2021. This means their QP certificate will remain current until October 1, 2021. However, please note that your certificates will not automatically be updated to reflect these extensions. We hope all certification holders will consider renewing your QP certificates and look forward to providing you a fun, safe, and approachable avenue.

Questions about your specific situation? Please contact esage@coffeeinstitute.org