El Salvador

During the CADR program in 2006, CQI began work in El Salvador hosting trainings, teaching promotion and marketing, developing a training center, and more.

During that period, the Consejo was very strong and a central, innovative leader for the specialty coffee sector. They were methodical and made excellent use of the coffee corps program. El Salvador set an example on how to be creative and despite lower grown coffees and managed to get them to the specialty market.

CQI and other international organizations have worked in El Salvador to improve quality at all levels. Much of the early work in El Salvador, aside from the cupping and field work, was barista training, which eventually resulted in a Salvadoran becoming the international champion and many coffee shops opening in the country. After 2008, the leadership at the Consejo has changed and there has been very little progress, although they do still participate in auctions and trade shows.

Recent work has been done with Graciano Cruz on developing natural and honey coffees. El Salvador needs a lot of assistance, but the private sector has gotten involved. Like many Central American countries.

El Salvador has emerged as a specialty coffee producer and the total volume of coffee is now well above 40% specialty.

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