At the time CQI started work in Guatemala, they were already trending as a specialty producer due to the efforts of Anacafe. During the CADR program in 2006, CQI performed the majority of their work in Guatemala. CQI and other international organizations have worked in Guatemala to improve quality at all levels.

Much of the early work in Guatemala, aside from the cupping and field work, was barista training, which eventually resulted in a Guatemalan, Raul Rodas, becoming the international barista champion. He has since gone on to volunteer for CQI in Africa and other countries. One of CQI best Q instructor’s, Eduardo Ambrosio, also came from Anacafe and is now independent. Eduardo has done projects for CQI in Ethiopia, Colombia, and Asia, and facilitates any CQI work in Guatemala.

There has been little new CQI activity in Guatemala, with the exception of Q graded lots and Q related trainings, hosted by Anacafe and Eduardo. However, there continues to be a strong relationship between CQI and Anacafe and as a result, some new funded projects are developing to address issues closer to the producers.

Guatemala has evolved as a specialty coffee producer and the total volume of coffee is now well over 50% specialty.

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