Malawi is a small producing country and most of CQI’s work has been through EAFCA and the coffee corps program, like many East African countries. From 2006 until 2013, CQI’s involvement has been through this network although there have been some other specific programs aimed at smallholders. Northern Malawi has interesting varieties that are of great interest to the specialty buyers and a well organized cooperative and center of operations.

The first Q Grader training course took place in September 2009 with five Q Graders licensed. The Coffee Association of Malawi (CAMAL) is ICP agreement, but will require further training. Malawi appears organized and ready to move forward with Q System implementation and have taken part in every Taste of Harvest and training since then. There are...Q graders in malai

From 2008-2010, CQI received a grant from DAI to train and assess the production and cupping practices of the Mzuzu cooperative in northern Malawi. David Roche and Craig Holt (Atlas coffee) visited several times to develop this and the cooperative is now producing very high quality coffee with good export value.

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