In support of the MinPACT project, CQI has worked with ACDI/VOCA on methods and approaches to improve the quality of arabica and robusta coffee grown in the Philippines and support the growth and development of an inclusive, specialty coffee sector. In 2016, our activities included production and processing trainings, association development, coffee standards, lab development, and extensive cupper training.

In June 2016, CQI met with the Philippines Coffee Board (PCBi) to refine the organization’s purpose, mission, vision, and draft a strategic plan for the organization. At this time, CQI concluded, “With the support of their state universities, most notably Cavite State University, Benguet State University, and eventually Central Mindanao University, the Department of Agriculture, and the Department of Trade and Industry, PCBi can unify the fragmented Philippine coffee sector into an engine of economic growth.” As a result of CQI’s meetings, PCBi identified relevant priorities and a time-based plan to establish the Philippine Islands as the world’s preeminent supplier of high quality robusta coffees and to create a world class promotion program for specialty arabica coffees.

CQI and PCBi have signed an In-Country Partner agreement and a Memorandum of Understanding which establish a dynamic working relationship for the benefit of the Philippines and will promote the welfare of coffee producers and the quality of their coffee. These agreements appoint PCBi as the regional grading center to grade green coffee using CQI’s Q Protocols as well as manage its country’s Q Grader training program.

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