CQI is the Prime Implementer of the Q Project Thailand, in collaboration with Bolliger & Company Thailand (BCT) and Colabops. The Q Project Thailand is funded by Bolliger & Company Thailand and various Thai Government donors.

Initiated in January 2023, the Q Project Thailand will train Thai coffee producers and processors in post-harvest processing best practices and quality standards to produce high quality, high value specialty coffee and connect these producers with new markets.

CQI delivered the first project training in February 2023, with a Post-Harvest Processing (PHP) Good Practices Workshop for 24 coffee producers and Thai government officials.

Throughout 2022 and 2023, CQI will deliver a variety of PHP and Quality Evaluation training, including PHP Good Practices Workshops, Introductory Cupper trainings, and a Q Grader courses for both Arabica and Robusta. In addition to this coffee education, CQI will work to forge lasting market linkages via trade events featuring specialty Thai coffees.

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