CQI is the prime implementer of the Q Project Thailand, in collaboration with Bolliger & Company Thailand (BCT). The Q Project Thailand is funded by Bolliger & Company Thailand and various Thai government donors. Additional project partners are contributing to the project’s success through direct and in-kind sponsorship.

Initiated in January 2023, this multi-year project will train Thai coffee producers and processors in post-harvest processing best practices and quality standards to produce high quality, high value specialty coffee and connect these producers with new markets. This project will run through 2027.

Q Project Thailand methodology is to select twenty-four processors and producers to form each cohort. Each will concentrate on a different geographic origin, and either robusta or arabica as the focus of the cohort’s training.  Selected processors and producers will attend a CQI Post-Harvest Processing Good Practices Workshop, and then complete the CQI Intro Cupper Training Series. 

Finally, the top twelve processors and producers will be selected from the original twenty-four, based on their performance in the foundational training activities. These twelve individuals will attend a CQI Q Grader Course, with the opportunity to become a certified Q Arabica or Robusta Grader if they pass the required tests.   

 Throughout, each of the cohorts will have their coffee samples screened and assessed for quality, and cohort coffees (project coffees) will be showcased at various trade events. Additionally, coffees will be Q Graded and receive a Q Certificate or a Technical report.  

Training for the first cohort of twenty-four Thai coffee farmers, Cohort 1 (Arabica) started in January 2023 and concluded in July 2023.

Q: How do you feel after participating in Q Project Thailand?
A: The Q Project Thailand has been an invaluable initiative that empowers farmers like us with knowledge in coffee production, processing, and tasting. This program provides an exceptional opportunity for farmers, especially those with limited income, to access this wealth of knowledge. For many farmers who seldom get such opportunities, this is a game changer. The knowledge I’ve gained has enabled me to taste and refine the flavors of our coffee. I’m immensely proud to have passed the Q grader exam. I’m eager to apply the coffee tasting insights to address challenges in our coffee production process, aiming to refine its quality. Ultimately, our goal is to ensure sustainable growth and enhancement of our coffee’s quality.
                                                        -Mrs.Katima Tadplevthong

 Recap video from Intro to Cupping

Cohort 2 (Robusta) and Cohort 3 (Arabica) will begin their journey in November of 2023,and will complete their training by June 2024. Coffees from the three cohorts will be featured in 2024 global trade events.

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