Yunnan International Coffee Exchange

Yunnan International Coffee Exchange


YCE is a coffee industry chain international origin type (Yunnan) and location type (radiation southeast Asia and South Asia) trading center, with open information, fair trading, perfect service, fast procedures as the standard. We provide one-stop supporting services for the coffee industry, including resource integration, online auction, financial services, transaction settlement, professional training, warehousing and logistics. At the same time, it is also an international public service platform of the whole industrial chain to help Yunnan coffee industry upgrade and revitalize Yunnan coffee industry.

How long have you been a CQI In-Country Partner (ICP)?

5 years

Provide a summary of what your company/organization accomplishes and include mission if applicable:

YCE is committed to becoming the revitalization and promoter of Yunnan coffee industry. Under the guidance and drive of YCE, YCE serves as a platform to make Yunnan coffee refined, quality and brand. Make Yunnan coffee the representative of Chinese coffee, create Yunnan coffee together with the community, share Yunnan coffee with the world.

What is your relationship with CQI/the Q Program?

The Q Grader course, Q Arabica course, Q Processing course of CQI was set up in YCE. In cooperation with CQI, Mr. Ted Lingle, CQI farm experts and processing experts were hired to conduct in-depth training on coffee farmers.

Please list project work or national course offerings you helped coordinate.

  1. Arabica Grader/Robusta Grader/Processing Level 1 and Level2
  2. YCE Model Farm Program
  3. Development of Production and Processing Manual for Quality Coffee in Yunnan
  4. Roaster Tour Program

What do you think are the opportunities of CQI's Q Coffees program?

Q Grader certificate holders can be allowed to participate in coffee quality testing to find more high-quality coffee. At the same time, better coffee has a better premium space, for the coffee industry chain to provide a common coffee language.

What do you think are the benefits of being a CQI ICP?

Endorse YCE to become a professional coffee trading platform of professional authority in China, and the basic standard to measure the professional skills of quality inspection personnel.

Anything else you'd like to add?

  1. At present, the value of Q coffee detected by ICP is not obvious.
  2. We want to confirm if there is a quality dispute in the trade, whether we can test the beans with disputed coffee quality through ICP, and issue the Q coffee report or technical report as the final quality basis.