Learning Online Together 2022 Participants Announced

Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) selected six coffee producer-roaster business partnerships for its new Learning Online Together (LOT) program. This program is designed to provide no-cost education to producer groups, and the 2022 focus is on post-harvest processing education.

The 2022 Learning Online Together participants are:

  • Mori and partner roaster 96B Café & Roastery (both in Vietnam)
  • Comite de Jovenes ACRIM and partner roaster, Botanica (both in Ecuador)
  • Sabio Coffee (Nicaragua) and partner roaster, Kavarna Prazirna (Czech Republic)
  • Agri Evolve (Uganda) and partner roaster, Machina Coffee (Scotland)
  • Germinar (Colombia) and partner roaster, Billion Birds Coffee (Spain)
  • Agricola (El Salvador) and partner roaster Girls Who Grind (United Kingdom)


“We are happy to announce the participants in our first LOT program, a program designed to give back to coffee producers,” said Coffee Quality Institute CEO, Tina Yerkes, PhD. “It is rewarding to be in a position to provide training at no cost to producers that many not ordinarily be able to participate.”

Part of what makes the Learning Online Together program special is that CQI will work to ensure that the training is delivered in the best language for the producer and on a schedule that fits their needs.

“CQI is working on adding education that is delivers the same high quality as we have always offered, but at different levels of intensity and investment,” said Emma Sage, CQI Director of Education Resources. “The LOT program is an iteration of our commitment to expanded access to both quality evaluation and post-harvest processing education."

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