New class from CQI: Coffee Fermentation: From Microbes to Flavors

This 200 level class is the first offering in our partnership with Lallemand (producing and marketing Lalcafé Yeasts for coffee processing). The first class will be taught by CQI Processing Specialist Joel Shuler, online October 4-8 every day from 13:00 – 15:00 (GMT 0). Fermentation in Coffee is a class that covers the basics of fermentation, fermentation in traditional processing methods, and how selected microbes may be used as tools to control it and craft flavors.The first class begins October 4, 2021, and you can register here.

Content Overview:

Overview of Fermentation
1. The History of Fermentation
2. Cast of Characters
3. The Fermentation Process
4. Fermentation in Other Foods & Beverages

Fermentation in Coffee
5. Fermentations in traditional coffee processing
6. Controlling and Monitoring Fermentation
7. Inoculation
8. Using Fermentation to Create a Portfolio of Flavor Profiles

There are no formal prerequisites for Fermentation in Coffee: From Microbes to Flavors, though students should have basic knowledge of the coffee fruit anatomy and traditional processing methods.