The Global Fund provides a way for the coffee industry to support activities that incorporate CQI’s education classes and courses, technical support and assistance, and global network of experts to advance initiatives that empower coffee communities that may not have access to educational opportunities either through the private sector or through other donor-funded programs.

Since 1996, Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) has worked to improve the quality of coffee and the lives of the people who produce it. We deliver that mission through education and working in partnership with communities, local and national governments, and international agencies. We area non-profit, global organization that offers customized education solutions, informed by coffee experts and decades of experience, delivering long-term impact that builds self-sufficiency. CQI has created highly reputable coffee education programs in both Quality Evaluation and Post-Harvest Processing. With deep roots in the coffee industry, CQI also facilitates market connections to build healthier supply chains and thriving coffee communities.

In an effort to better support the coffee communities we serve, CQI established the CQI Global Fund in 2022. The Global Fund provides a way for the coffee industry to support activities that incorporate CQI’s education classes and courses, technical support and assistance, and global network of experts to advance initiatives that empower coffee communities that may not have access to educational opportunities either through the private sector or through other donor-funded programs.

In 2022, CQI provided educational opportunities to community members through the Learning Online Together (LOT) program. Through this program, CQI provided producers with online post-harvest processing training free of charge. In 2023, CQI is excited to be expanding the number and scope of Global Fund initiatives to include in-person training and more.

Continuing CQI’s long history of working with the global coffee industry for the benefit of the coffee industry, the Global Fund is not possible without the support of the community – and whether you or your organization are interested in supporting the Global Fund, you are an interested applicant, or you wish to volunteer your time to support the Global Fund there are many ways to be involved!

How Does it Work?

Based on needs identified by coffee communities, the Global Fund Committee – comprised of CQI staff, trustees, and community members – look for the best opportunities to provide high-impact education and other services to coffee producing communities. Those opportunities might be defined by geography or subject matter, and other data points include industry studies and reporting, new and existing development initiatives, and insights into trends in CQI educational opportunities and educators. Following these annual priorities, and based on the availability of funding, individual Initiatives are developed to meet community goals.

Once an initiative is developed, CQI then creates a Call for Applications. These calls provide applicants with the opportunity to submit applications and proposals to the Global Fund Committee, based on the eligibility criteria and geographic and technical focus of each initiative. Every Global Fund initiative is different, indeed they are ultimately designed by the community themselves and their assessment of what support they need to thrive.

Applications are screened and selected, and CQI works with successful applicant/s to co-create an implementation plan based on the proposed activities and intended impact. CQI works closely with grantees through the full delivery of the proposed activities and impact reporting.

The Global Fund is designed to be flexible and adaptable in nature to address the needs of the coffee communities that CQI serves – and we want to respond directly to the needs of our community! For that reason, CQI relies on Global Fund applicants to identify obstacles to improved coffee quality and ways to empower their own communities.

Global Fund activities are dependent on the proposals submitted by applicants, but some of these initiatives and activities may include:

·        Reducing barriers to accessing CQI Education, such as:

            o  Cost

             o  Geography

             o  Language

             o   Access to educators

·        Supporting the establishment and growth of key coffee industry-related infrastructure, such as:

             o  Coffee Laboratories

             o  Post-Harvest Processing Facilities

             o   Educational Venues

·        Supporting the identification and development of new CQI Educators in key countries and/or regions

·        Supporting improved access to markets through:

            o  Technical support for key trade show events and marketing/communications

            o  Technical and recruitment support for the development of local and regional coffee competitions

How to Get Involved

At its core, the Global Fund is a way for members of the coffee community to give back to the community. The Global Fund relies on the global coffee industry to support education and market activities in regions with limited access. There are several ways to be involved with the Global Fund, no matter what part of the coffee community you come from.

Funding Partners

Funding for the CQI Global Fund comes from generous donations by stakeholders in the coffee industry, including coffee roasters, traders,retailers, and allied industries. These donations enable CQI to carry out its mission in new and impactful ways. It is through the donations of companies and organizations in the coffee industry that the Global Fund can continue to positively impact coffee communities around the world.

CQI is a 501(c)3 Non-Profit Organization. As such, some or all of your donation may be tax-deductible. Please reach out to globalfund@coffeeinstitute.orgfor questions or to discuss possible donations.

Global Fund Applicants

CQI regularly releases Calls for Applications based on availability of funding and at the technical direction of the Global Fund Committee. Each Call for Applications details the purpose, intent, eligibility, and desired outcomes of the initiative. For each of these initiatives, CQI relies on the knowledge and experience of applicants to propose impactful programs designed to enhance the quality of coffee and improve livelihoods in their communities.

New Calls for Applications are released regularly and shared through various distribution channels, including the CQI Website here. Please check back regularly for new opportunities and to apply for the next Global Fund Initiative!

In addition, all proceeds from CQI Merchandise and select event tickets are used for implementation of the Global Fund. If you are interested in CQI wearables, you can purchase CQI merchandise here!

CQI Implementing Partners

CQI is always looking for new partnerships to expand and increase the impact of the Global Fund. Partners from across the value chain can provide incredible impact through partnership with the Global Fund. Examples of CQI’s partnerships have included provision of equipment, shared participation at industry events, combined communications efforts, and more.

If your organization is interested in partnering with CQI to develop and implement Global Fund activities, please contact

Coffee Corps Volunteers

Finally, CQI relies on its global network of coffee experts, educators, and enthusiasts. Whether it’s a Q Grader volunteering to serve as a judge on a regional green coffee competition, or a CQI Assistant Instructor volunteering to deliver an Introductory Cupper Series, the Global Fund is not possible without the participation of Coffee Corps Volunteers.

If you are interested in volunteering for a Global Fund activity, please check out CQI’s volunteer opportunities page regularly for open opportunities.