The Q CoffeeTM mark is the only certification in the coffee industry that distinguishes the QUALITY of coffee.

Specialty coffee is highly desired by consumers, yet can be hard for them to identify in the marketplace. Research has shown that quality certification marks on consumer products increase sales, provide consumer confidence, and result in a market advantage.  

Coffee Quality Institute is the standard for coffee quality verification and certification in specialty and fine coffee. CQI developed and institutionalized the global language of coffee quality though our Q Grader certification program that now boasts more than 7000 graders globally, enabling consistent and professional grading of green coffee.

When your coffee has been tested and certified as a Q CoffeeTM,  it means that coffee has been professionally graded by a certified Q Grader panel and has achieved the high scores needed to be called a specialty or fine coffee. Consumption of specialty and fine coffee has been on the rise. Consumers are looking for better quality coffee - differentiate your coffee through a Q Coffee  mark.

The mission of Coffee Quality Institute is to improve the quality of coffee and the lives of those that produce it, therefore CQI dedicates the net proceeds from the Q CoffeeTM licensing program to supporting activities in origin countries where the benefit to quality improvement is most impactful to the lives of producers.  If your company has sustainability goals, this certification not only informs consumers of the coffee quality but also enables marketing in the support of coffee farmers where they need the help most – improving their coffee quality.

For more information on the Q CoffeeTM licensing program please contact Kristin Schrader at

Q CoffeeTM certification differentiates your coffee, allows quick identification by discerning consumers, is a valuable marketing tool, and an avenue to achieve sustainability goals.