Becoming a CQI Instructor is a great way to benefit the coffee community. Whether sensory or post-harvest processing, these educators are excellent ambassadors of coffee education.

Quality Evaluation

Quality evaluation Assistant Instructors are on the path to becoming CQI Instructors and are authorized to teach all classes and certain courses. Those who are interested in pursuing Instructorship and are certified Q Graders are eligible to apply for the Assistant Instructor progression. 

  • Interested, qualified people must submit applications to CQI, including recommendations.
  • After their acceptance, they go through a multi-step process.
  • They take a class that is offered once a year in two parts.
  • Following the class they observe, assist and lead courses under the mentorship of an established instructor.
  • With approval each step of the way they are eligible to join the ranks of instructors.

The Assistant Instructor Course is offered once per year with approximately 15 to 20 applicants accepted each year. Complete candidate application package review takes place in the 3rd Quarter of the current year with interviews and acceptance emails being sent in the mid-4th Quarter for candidate enrollment in the 1st Quarter of the following year. Only Complete Candidate Application Packages are reviewed. Click here to apply.

Questions about becoming a Quality Evaluation instructor? Contact Trish Rothgeb at

Post-Harvest Processing

The Post-Harvest Processing Program has 3 instructor certifications: 

  • Generalist Instructor (QP1)
  • Professional Arabica Instructor (QP2 A)
  • Professional Robusta Instructor (QP2 R) *Our newest instructor certification in 2023

Those interested in becoming a Post-Harvest Processing Instructor must have experience in post-harvest processing. The experience, knowledge, and requirements depend on the level one aspires to teach.

In order to become a Post-Harvest Processing Instructor, one must apply to become an assistant instructor first. The minimum qualifications to apply to become a Post-Harvest Processing Assistant Instructor include:

  1. Experience in post-harvest processing.
  2. *If applying for Q Processing Level 2, one must have had significant hands-on coffee processing experience through multiple harvests.
  3. Has completed at least one CQI Post-Harvest Processing course.

The Post-Harvest Processing Assistant Instructor Program is offered once per year. The application window is open from January 1 through February 24th.

The completed candidate applications will be reviewed, and all applicants will be notified of their application status. (Please note, only complete candidate application packages are reviewed.) Click here to apply.

The first portion of the program typically begins in July. Official dates to be determined and communicated with accepted applicants.

Questions about becoming a Post-Harvest Processing Instructor? Please contact Yimara Martinez Agudelo at