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Anup Singh’s Journey Through Q Courses: A Passionate Coffee Explorer’s Perspective

February 27, 2024
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In the intricate world of coffee, Anup Singh from India has embarked on a journey of continuous learning and exploration. From his early days as a coffee enthusiast to his current role as the owner of a coffee shop and roastery, Anup’s trajectory has been shaped by his commitment to understanding the subtleties of coffee quality and processing.

An Introduction to Q Courses:

Anup started his Q course journey with the 'Q Arabica Grader' course in February 2023, held at 'Two Tigers Coffee Lab' in Medan, Indonesia.  Reflecting on this intensive six-day experience, Anup shared, "The satisfaction of graduating from this grueling exam is beyond comprehension, akin to crossing the finish line of a marathon." Involving the tasting of 400-500 cups of coffee, this course posed physical and mental challenges but ultimately solidified Anup’s newfound appreciation for the world of coffee. It served as an excellent introduction to the coffee realm, sparking a growing interest in post-harvest processing.

The Q Courses Journey:

To date, Anup's has successfully completed three CQI courses: Q Arabica Grader, Post-Harvest Processing Level 1, and Post-Harvest Processing Level 2.

Reflecting on these achievements, Anup expressed, "These courses have not only deepened my appreciation for coffee but also instilled a sense of responsibility toward the entire coffee value chain. I now feel fluent in the language of the coffee sector and have cultivated a network with fellow coffee professionals, laying the foundation for my own business.” His experiences in Q Processing courses have additionally provided him with firsthand knowledge of coffee processing, enriching his understanding of the industry.

Learnings and Applications:

The knowledge acquired from the Q courses has seamlessly integrated into Anup's daily coffee business operations, inspiring him to become an entrepreneur. “I currently own and manage a coffee shop and coffee roastery,” expresses Anup. From curating a superior coffee menu to securing high-quality green coffee purchases, grading, and effective storage management, Anup's skills as a Q Grader and in Q Processing have significantly enhanced his decision-making and overall proficiency in the coffee industry.

Future Aspirations:

Looking forward, Anup is eager to share what he’s learned and continue his learning journey. He advises peers, saying, "CQI courses open up a new territory of coffee learning and experiences. For coffee professionals, CQI courses are gold standards to get recognition for the work and career they are pursuing."

Expressing keen interest in working more closely with coffee processing, Anup intends to take the “Coffee Fermentation: from Microbes to Flavors” course to understand how microbes alter flavor. He envisions applying the knowledge Gaines to further research and expresses interest in testing his skills in the Q Robusta Grader course. Although he doesn’t own a coffee farm, he dedicates his time to working with farmers on a pro-bono basis for quality evaluation and processing improvement.

A Call to Coffee Enthusiasts:

Anup encourages individuals associated with the coffee value chain, including hobbyists and consumers, to push their boundaries and consider enrolling in CQI courses. He emphasizes, “The courses I’ve taken have been instrumental in shaping my journey. Delving into a subject you are passionate about and acquiring expertise is the initial step toward achieving success in any endeavor.”

Anup Singh's journey through Q courses exemplifies the transformative power of education in the coffee industry. His dedication to continuous learning and passion for quality improvement serve as an inspiration for coffee enthusiasts and professionals alike. As Anup continues his exploration, he not only symbolized the potential for individuals to navigate the intricate world of coffee with confidence and expertise but also acts as a guiding light for those seeking continuous growth and excellence in their coffee pursuits.