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Four-Fold Increase in Q Graders in Burundi

June 17, 2024
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The first half of 2024 saw meaningful activity in Burundi, with learners continuing to build skills and knowledge. Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) fulfilled its role in TechnoServe’s Burundi Better Coffee Initiative by delivering a continuum of coffee education.

At the end of 2023, learners in Burundi participated in the CQI Intro to Cupping Series, which consists of several fundamental skill-building classes aimed at improving knowledge and acclimating new coffee evaluators. To build upon those abilities and prepare for the opportunity to take the Q Grader course, CQI delivered two additional training sessions. The Q Cupping Essentials courses were held in Bujumbura at ODECA Lab. Seventeen learners took the course, enhancing their evolving quality evaluation skills.

ODECA also hosted a Q Arabica Combo course for those wishing to achieve certification. As a result of this activity, the number of certified Q Graders in Burundi increased from two to ten. This significant rise provides more producers the opportunity to learn more about the quality of their coffee, informing farming and processing practices. Expectations are that more will achieve certification in the Q Arabica course offered as the next cohort progresses through the education sequence.