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CQI Cupping Exchange

June 3, 2024
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The global Q Community is diverse and broad, and what better way to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Q than by connecting with fellow Q Graders around the world? We are excited to launch the CQI Cupping Exchange, a unique program for Q Graders to pair up, swap coffees, and enjoy a fun cupping experience.

What is the CQI Cupping Exchange?

The CQI Cupping Exchange is a global coffee swap and cupping program organized by CQI. It is designed to help you use your skills, connect you with fellow coffee peers, and expand your coffee horizons through new connections. This exchange is all about sharing and cupping coffee. Whether you are part of a cupping club, a Q Venue, an In-Country Partner, or simply a group of Q Grader friends, this exchange is sure to be great opportunity.

Why Participate?

Discover New Coffees: Swap and cup coffees from different regions, broadening your palate and knowledge.

Make New Connections: Forge new friendships and new business connections with Q Graders from around the world.

Celebrate Together: Join the Q Community in celebrating 20 years of the Q by participating in this fun exchange.

How to Join? Register today using this form. Once you complete the form, CQI will connect you with another group of Q Graders, and the coffee fun begins! The deadline to register is June 30th, 2024.