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Lecturer Program connects CQI with global experts

December 21, 2022
Burc Maruflu

Our Lecturer program includes trained educators who have a wealth of subject matter expertise and are already working in their communities to help improve coffee quality and the livelihood of coffee producers. We had the opportunity to chat with CQI Lecturer, Burc Maruflu, about his decision to become a CQI educator, his business in the U.S., and his experience being one of the first to teach a new CQI class - Understanding Tastes and Flavors.

Maruflu, originally from Turkey, is no stranger to coffee. He grew up witnessing his grandmother dedicate her time to the sensory aspects of coffee to ensure that every roast and brew was made to perfection. It was because of her, that Burc decided to drink his coffee black and pay close attention to the flavor attributes and how every step along the processing, roasting and brewing of coffee can impact the end experience.

In his education journey, Burc found a way to incorporate coffee into his studies and professional career. When he decided to get his PhD, he pursed entrepreneurship and finance – eventually finding his niche in social entrepreneurship. CQI’s mission – to improve the quality of coffee and the lives of those who produce it - resonated with Burc and his purpose for being in coffee. The coffee industry is precious to him, and he wants to make a difference. He started his journey at CQI as Q Arabica Grader and he also became certified in both Q Processing Levels 1 and 2. As a subject matter expert and education enthusiast – he also pursued the CQI Lecturer program, for both Quality Evaluation and Post-Harvest Processing.

Burc hosting a cupping at his business, Savaya Coffee

Burc’s time is split – he also runs Savaya Coffee, a full time coffee roasting business he started fifteen years ago. He enjoys educating his local coffee community through introductory classes at his business and in a 300-level coffee value chain course he teaches at the University of Arizona. At the university, Burc noted they have a biosphere experiment in progress where they determine which crops can grow in certain microclimates. They are currently testing different coffee plants to test the effects of global warming on coffee and even cacao.

Burc (right), with a student at the University of Arizona biosphere.

In his role as a CQI Lecturer, Burc’s goal is to educate consumers so that they can provide objective feedback, show admiration, and justify coffee prices. Following industry standards and teaching a common language in coffee are just some ways to accomplish his goal. As previously mentioned, Burc was one of the first CQI educators to teach Understanding Tastes and Flavors, which he described as a step towards “building a bridge between producers and consumers”. This class provides a background of the flavor wheel, focuses on the basics in aroma and taste, and it is a great tool to prepare students for higher level cupping courses at CQI. Burc felt that this class is also a great way for consumers to gain the knowledge needed to understand coffee quality, and the value that education and post-harvest practices add to quality.

He is eager to continue spreading coffee education in his local community and dive into additional CQI educational offerings.

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