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Meet Asociación Mexicana De Cafés Y Cafeterías De Especialidad A.C. (AMCCEE)

February 22, 2022

In-Country Partners (ICP) are ambassadors for CQI and our programs, as they host courses and support various networks of specialty coffee producers. ICPs reinforce coffee standards and aim to increase access to the Q coffee system since they serve as the hubs to evaluate coffee quality using industry standards for both arabica (specialty) and Robusta (fine). In the coming weeks, we'll get the chance to get to know a little more about them.

AMCCE is a non-profit association based in Mexico City that supports the community involved in the specialty coffee industry from seed to cup. They have been an in-country partner since 2018 and they also organize Q Processing Level 1 courses in Mexico.

How would you describe your role as an ICP?

AMCCE's quality program relies upon CQI’s strategies towards improving people’s lives through coffee activities. We as ICP are working on spreading the concept of specialty coffees with a structure that allows us to provide training and quality analysis services aligned with the trends of the rest of the world that are applying CQI’s principles.

We can provide quality coffee certifications when the coffee is ready to get one and to promote good market relations between growers and traders.

Our next steps will be to grow the awareness for Fine Robustas and to have more Q Processing courses in Mexico for a continuously changing industry.

What motivated you to become involved in the coffee industry in the first place?

Being a non-profit in a country like Mexico is a real challenge, our team must work hard to bring all the information and systems that are a good option for our coffee community and its development and growth. AMCCE was born because there was a necessity of having an organism that supported and showcased the efforts of many people and companies to spread the specialty coffee movement in Mexico. That milestone was settled almost 20 years ago, at that time, the coffee industry was facing a new paradigm and was ready for a big change.

What has your greatest accomplishment as an ICP been?

We have been working continuously training and certificating cuppers.  We have been spreading the coffee knowledge to different states in Mexico and bringing awareness of the importance, not only of the specialty coffee but of the support of institutions for providing a reliable product to the market.

Nowadays, more and more people are using the term “specialty coffee” respectfully, knowing that the person that produces, transforms, processes, roasts or prepares, has a training and certification background either by becoming a Q grader or a Q processor.

Having the quality system and the education program in Spanish has been key in the success of spreading the shared values and principles of CQI and AMCCE.