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Producer Plots: Rene J. Alcebo, Pt 1

October 25, 2022

The Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) Q Certificate is a common language communication between a buyer and a seller. Green coffee that is Q Certified goes through the CQI Q Grading System, where an In-Country Partner gathers three certified Q Graders to evaluate the coffee proving a third party, verifiable coffee score. The Q Certificate communicates a coffee's quality, while also providing feedback to the producer on the coffee sample that can be used to help improve the quality. This certification also helps producers market their coffee as it is based on a common language spoken globally through the third-party evaluation.

We are sharing stories from producers who have had their coffee evaluated and follow their journey as they use that data to inform their work on improvements at the farm, continue to improve quality, and enter new markets.

The first producer in the “Producer Plots” series, is ReneJ. Alcebo, and we encourage you to stay tuned to future posts to follow his journey as he gets ready to export his first container of coffee!

Rene is Cuban American, and he always wanted to own a farm.  In2014, he purchased his first land in Nicaragua where he planted limes and avocados for local sales. In 2016 he found additional plot of land at a higher altitude – which was perfect for coffee! Over the next few years, Rene studied, experimented, and sought assistance from a local horticulturist. He is now building his own wet mill and decided that it was time for him to seek professional advice to fully understand the quality of the coffee he was producing. This led him to CQI.

Rene had two lots Q Graded earlier this year from his farm “Finca Las Dos Marias,” to understand what he had to offer and what improvements he might make at his farm. The two samples scored 82.5 and 84.5 –further details can be found here:  

Sample#210044 - Q Coffee System (

Sample#794972 - Q Coffee System (

Rene will re-evaluate these lots when he is ready to export and will use the evaluation results for marketing and sales. Stay tuned to hear what’s next in Rene’s journey!

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