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Trish Rothgeb Joins Coffee Quality Institute Staff

December 5, 2022
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Trish Rothgeb has joined Coffee Quality Institute (CQI) in a leadership position as Quality Evaluation Specialist.

“We are so pleased to have Trish come onboard in this important role,” said Bridget Carrington, Interim CEO of Coffee Quality Institute. “She brings a combination of experience with CQI and the Q and applied work in the coffee industry. I know Trish will help our community’s evolution as we assess and revise our program.”

Coffee Quality Institute is an independent education nonprofit offering multiple accreditations including the Q Grader quality evaluation certification.

“I have had along relationship with CQI and its programs,” added Rothgeb. “As a former staff member, an instructor and as a business owner, my experience has reaffirmed that the CQI education system, including the Q system, is an excellent tool to teach quality evaluation.

CQI uses the Q Coffee System to achieve impact in its mission to improve coffee quality and the lives of those who produce it.

·        Education CQI Q Graders undergo rigorous training and education and are recognized as the industry standard in quality evaluation. They pass 20 tests and recalibrate every three years to ensure consistency. Post-harvest processing education gives producers tools to improve quality.

 ·        Evaluation The coffee community depends on CQI Q Graders to evaluate coffees to determine whether their quality is fine robustaor specialty arabica.

 ·        Q Certificate Green grading and cup scoring provides a report certifying that a coffee has no primary defects, a cup score of 80points or more and also a described flavor profile. The results are documented and can be shared with the coffee farmer and potential green coffee buyers.

  ·        Q CoffeeTM A way to communicate a coffee’s quality for consumer products. Q CoffeeTM is a consumer quality mark that evaluates and verifies that the coffee has achieved either Specialty or Fine status. It is an identifiable trademark that allows the consumer to differentiate their buying decision.

 “Trish is re-joining CQI as staff at an exciting time,” offered Emma Sage, Director, Education Resources at CQI. “One where we are evaluating the Q System after years of seeing it in action and utilized in the coffee industry. She will lead the progress of the Q and our community forward to ensure we strengthen and grow our education offerings and network of cupping professionals."