Virtual Certifications Coming Online

Coffee Quality institute is adding a virtual version of its popular Q Processing 1 course to accommodate the times and to make education more accessible. It’s a change from being in a classroom with the instructor, we asked CQI’s Education Team Lead Emma Sage how the organization made the move.

 This is a new thing for Coffee Quality Institute, and the first online class with certification. What steps did you have to take to make this a course that could happen online?

To successfully transition our QP1 course online, CQI had to ensure that we were able to replicate the full educational experience and evaluation in an in-home setting. This means setting guidelines for how instructors teach the class online, arranging the regular tasting experiences, and administering online testing. To begin with, no one wants to sit through two, 8-hour days of online webinar, so CQI adapted the schedule in order to be flexible and meet the needs of our busy students.

  • - Instructors can offer courses over multiple days, up to a maximum of 3 weeks, to make the lectures digestible for students.
  • - To give students the full experience of our innovative coffee tastings, we are allowing for students to either cup with a small group or individually in their own space. For each course, the instructor will be responsible to work out which tasting scenario works best for the course, as well as distribute the coffees accordingly.
  • - Finally, to ensure the integrity of online testing, CQI will be hosting a new, online testing platform, which enables our students to demonstrate their new knowledge in a secure testing environment.

Emma Sage


Are these classes being taught like all of the other classes, i.e. will the same instructors be teaching it online who teach it in person?

As this QP Level 1 course is equivalent to our in-person delivery, all of our usual credentialed Q Processing Generalist instructors are able to offer this online. You will be able to find and sign up for the courses through our web site and with private instructors, as usual.

Do you have plans to take any other education online?

CQI has been working to increase the accessibility and flexibility of its education. As much of the existing programs center around sensory training & testing, it is a real challenge to adapt to an online environment. We hope to offer more blended-learning options for the future, giving our instructors and students robust, flexible avenues learn safely. This applies to existing courses, where possible, and new classes, online content, and even certifications.