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Q Grader's inspiring journey from barista to successful coffee entrepreneur.

August 31, 2023
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ICP Profiles

ICP Spotlight: The Specialty Coffee Institute of Thailand

August 29, 2023
CQI Updates

In this ICP spotlight, we would like to focus on the Specialty Coffee Institute of Thailand (SCITH) and their recent events and contributions to the Q Coffee System.

CQI Processing Corner

CQI Post-Harvest Processing Instructor Camp 2023

August 22, 2023
CQI Updates

This week, CQI’s Post-Harvest Processing Program Manager, Yimara Agudelo Martinez, will be leading the CQI Post-Harvest Processing (PHP) Instructor camp.

Nursing passion for coffee: Q Robusta Grader from the Philippines shares his story

August 21, 2023
Recent Press

CQI visits program partners and producers in Laos

August 17, 2023
CQI Updates
Lao People's Democratic Republic

Last month, Lisa Conway, CQI’s Senior Director of Partnerships visited Pakse, Laos to meet with organizations, traders, producers, and additional participating members of the CLEAN project.

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