Peru is the world leader in Fairtrade and organic coffees and is critical to the supply of washed arabica. CQI began work in Peru through the USAID funded Coffee Corps program in 2003. After this initial project, in 2006 CQI began working with a number of international donors as well as another USAID project with ACDI/VOCA.

CQI has partnered with a cooperative group, Cafe Peru (Central Café y Cacao), who built a training center to do Q courses and previously operated as CQI's In Country Partner. CQI has worked in Peru extensively on all aspects of production, processing, baristas, cupping, competitions, marketing, and association development. Most early assignments were focused on assisting with national cupping competitions and training. The sectors is somewhat fragmented with major differences between the cooperative organizations and the large international traders. In addition, there is no central government support.

In 2013, CQI with ACDI/VOCA and local partners, organized a 3 day workshop with the entire industry and government which made good progress. Most of the donor funding for Peru came from the elimination of the drug trade (cocaine) and the replanting of other cash crops such as coffee, cocoa, and others.

There are a number of new opportunities pending for CQI with local government partners (Promperú and INACAL) and UNIDO funding. Peru is also active with the Q program and have 66 Q graders today.

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